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Meet and Greets
Plenary: Saths Cooper
Plenary: Ellyn Kaschak
Symposium: Womens Health
Symposium: Climate Justice
Symposium: COVID19 and Human Rights
Award Talk: Brian Mishara on Suicide
Award Talk: Anusha Kassan on Multicultural Counseling
Lightning Talks
Business Meeting/TownHall
Awards Ceremony
Very likelyWould seriously considerMaybeProbably not
Virtual Conference like this one
In person Conference
Hybrid Type 1: Virtual and in Person at the Same time
Dont careSpring (March-April)Summer (June-August)Fall (September-November)Winter (December - February)
What time of year would you prefer for a virtual conference
Overall, how would you rate the ICP2020-VIrtual
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