2020 Awardees

ICP is pleased to recognize the 2020 recipients of ICP awards. Read more here

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ICP welcomes nominations and self-nominations for awards that honor international research and service!  Award recipients are honored at the ICP Annual Meeting, and invited to give an Award Talk on their work.

Award Deadlines are not yet set for 2021. 2020 Awards will be announced in September, 2020

Please click on the weblinks below for detailed information about each award.

Fukuhara Advanced International Research and Service

Purpose: to recognize mid-career or senior level psychologist with distinguished contributions to international psychology in research and service.
Deadline: June 1,  2021
Link: http://icpweb.org/awards/icp-awards-information/fukuhara-award.html

Denmark-Gunvald Award for Feminist Research and Service

Purpose: to honor a psychologist who has a history of research and service that directly benefits the health, promotion and well-being of women in the world.
Deadline: June 1,  2021
Link: http://icpweb.org/awards/icp-awards-information/denmark-gunvald-award.html

Frances Mullen Distinguished Contribution to International Psychology Award

Purpose: to honor a member of the ICP who has a long and distinguished history of research or applied contributions to one or more international areas.
Deadline: June 1,  2021
Link: http://icpweb.org/awards/icp-awards-information/frances-mullen-award.html

Seisoh Sukemune/Bruce Bain Encouragement of Early Career Research Award

Purpose: to recognize outstanding early career contributions to scholarly endeavors addressing psychological issues of a universal or multinational significance.
Deadline: June 1,  2021
Link: http://icpweb.org/awards/icp-awards-information/sukemune-bain-award.html