ICP 2020 Virtual is almost here! We hope you are excited – the ICP Organizing Committee certainly is (as we are also rushing to finalize all the details of the exciting online program!). This will be a conference to remember – with thought provoking and moving talks exemplifying the conference themes of human rights, dignity and justice.

As noted earlier, you will receive a link to the ZOOM conference meeting FOR EACH DAY. Friday’s link will be sent to all registered participants tomorrow at 6 pm EST.

Here is some more news:

  1. Check out the ICP web conference home page: https://icptestbuild.cloudaccess.host/icp-annual-conference/2020virtual/ – there are links there to the program, to the Human Rights Observation and to a useful Participant Information Page
  2. Have you completed your conference profile? If you log on to your ConfTool account, (www.conftool.org/icp2020) you can see a list of all conference participants – check on the display options to see everyone’s photo. And if you have not uploaded YOUR photo do so – its amazing to see us all together!!
  3. Dont forget to attend the opening at 9 am EST (or come to the meet and greet just before!) – and then you are ready for the first plenary session (“The Quest for Human Rights”) that begins at 9:30

We are so happy you are joining in the grand experiment of a virtual conference! And we will leave you with some ZOOM advice: we are told zoom is most stable on Google Chrome; when you are online, you can control your details (muting/unmuting, your name, etc) by clicking on the little blue dots in the upper right corner of YOUR box on ZOOM (no need to search for controls elsewhere)…  and in each session there will be volunteer “techie” help available through the chat box (send a chat to the user “International Council of Psychologists”).

Be well – and we will see you soon!